Music Video Q&A

Q: How much creative control do I have within the production of the video?

A: You have absolutely as much creative control over your final product as you want! If you have a concept for your music video already written out and developed, our team will follow your storyline and give you the best product possible. If you would like for us to come up with the direction and concept for your video we will help with that as well.

Q: Does CoCalm Entertainment promote the final music video once finished?

A: CoCalm Entertainment is only responsible for shooting, editing, and developing the music video requested. Once the music video is complete, the video file will be sent to the artist CoCalm Entertainment is working with and the artist will go about promotion in their own way. If the artist would like a CoCalm stamp on their thumbnail (youtube) as well as a CoCalm Entertainment watermark, this will be discussed with the artist in person in further detail.

Q: How will I be credited for my music video?

A: All in all the artist has total creative control as to how they would like the titles to be displayed on their video. Mandatory credit would have to be the artist themselves, the executive director, and A CoCalm Entertainment Production listed. Note that credits are done towards the end of production and this will be further worked out with the artist CoCalm Entertainment is working with. (*The artist can be credited as the executive director of their own project)

Q: Who reserves the rights to the music video? (Copyright)

A: CoCalm Entertainment is simply responsible for the visual art and production of the music video and not the music itself. If the artist is using music that is not original and someone else holds the rights to the music (Instrumental), it is highly recommended that the artist have permission from the copyright owner to use the music requested. For example if a hip hop artist has a song that uses a beat that is not theirs, we recommend that the artist gain permission to use the instrumental from the original producer. If the music video is uploaded to a video sharing website such as (youtube) and the music is not original, the video could possibly be blocked in some countries, some devices, or all together. CoCalm Entertainment is not responsible for any musical or upload issues. CoCalm is only responsible for the visual production. Once the music video is final, the artist has absolute control over what they choose to do with the video.