CoCalm Signature Q&A

Q: What is the CoCalm Signature and how does it even work?

A: The CoCalm MP3 Signature sound is a short 3 second sample that you will be able to download and add to your song (Assuming you are an artist/producer). What this signature symbolizes is that once you have added this small signature sound to your song, it shows not only CoCalm Entertainment that you are willing to be noticed by us and have us represent you, but it also shows that if you have the CoCalm signature anywhere within the song and release the song to the public, listeners will know that the song is CoCalm approve!. It also shows us that you are willing to make a small investment in CoCalm Entertainment. Also note that if you are an artist that submits to be apart of CoCalm Entertainment (Details found on submission page) if you have the CoCalm Signature at the beginning, the end, or anywhere within the song, THIS WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT AND CONSIDERED STRONGLY FOR ACCEPTANCE! Any questions simply refer to

Q: Ive purchased the CoCalm Signature. Now what is the next step?

A: Once you have purchased the CoCalm Signature you should receive a download link of some sort that will last for 24 hours. Simply download the CoCalm Signature approval and feel free to add the signature to whatever song of your choice! From there on you are free to do what ever you may like. If you choose to be apart of CoCalm Entertainment or you are submitting to be on Artist Spotlight, the CoCalm signature will make you stand out tremendously. You also have the freedom to simply release the song on whatever platform you'd like (youtube, soundcloud, etc.) Once people hear the CoCalm Signature on your song they will know that CoCalm Entertainment is on the lookout for your product!