Beat Submission Q&A

Q: How does the CoCalm Signature work? Also how does the process work? When Can I expect the Signature to be added?

A: The CoCalm Signature is a short sample sound

Q: How do I go about sending my beats so that they can get featured on

-A:Send an email titled "Beat Submission (Producer Name)" along with your music or beat attached to The email will be further reviewed to be accepted to the website for distribution. We will try to respond within 5 business days of your sent email. Please note that we have a high submission rate and we will try to respond to your email as soon as possible. Multiple emails from the same email will be discarded and blocked! Please note that if you do wish to sell your beats through CoCalm, we will take 25% of your earnings. For example if you are selling a beat for $100 we will take $25 out of the total. Your net pay will be $75. If you wish for the CoCalm Beat Signature to be at the end of your beat, we will simply edit the beat in a music software of our choice and we will take 30% of your earnings. $70 will then be your net pay. In the email please include a brief description of yourself, social media, and the feel/style of the beat!


Q: What if I would simply like to just get my beat heard by CoCalm Entertainment for guidance or a rating? What if I made a beat and simply want to know if its CoCalm approved? Does that still cost me money?

-A: We 100% would love to hear your art and material at no cost! Send your art to and we will try our best to give you a short, sweet, straight to the point opinion on whether or not your musical direction is CoCalm approved or just good in general. However if you want to sell your beat through CoCalm Entertainment or have the CoCalm Signature Sound at the end of your beat you will still need to follow the guidelines in regards.