Artist Submission (Music Videos, Music, Production) Q&A

Q: Im an artist myself and would love to be apart of CoCalm Entertainment. How would I go about the process?

A: MC David J made CoCalm Entertainment specifically for the purpose to open an opportunity for independent artist to get exposure world wide and CoCalm is the perfect avenue for such. You simply need to email with subject line "Artist Submission (Artist Name, Genre, Latest Project w/ date)" In the body of the email include aartist name, genre, short bio, social media (If you have your own Official Site include this here), education, and a short paragraph of what you can bring to the table for CoCalm as well as why you want to be apart of CoCalm. Also include 3-4 songs in an attachment.*MP3 is the only accepted format. Once you send this, CoCalm Entertainment will review the content and if CoCalm believes in the movement and your vision, we will respond and let you know further details! Please note MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE MARKED AS SPAM AND WILL BE DISCARDED IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE REMAIN PATIENT FOR A RESPONSE OF SUCH. *CoCalm Signatures are strongly suggested and under strong consideration.